Impress & Legal Note

ADRIAN Gastro GmbH

Weihburggasse 18-20, 1010 Wien


+43 1 430 22 16



FN 532455y Handelsgericht Wien
ATU 75484548


Visitors entering to Kaiserbründl agree to this contract upon arrival, which includes the following:

Entrance fees for a locker or a changing room are always to be paid in advance. It will be appreciated not to leave towels or sandals in the premises, but to return them together with the key at the counter before leaving. Objects of value like jewellery, watches, money, credit cards, spectacles, mobiles, handbags and wallets etc, are to be deposited at the counter, or else all liabilities and responsibilities are disclaimed in case of theft or loss. All the locks to the lockers and cabins are patented. Therefore, in case any key is lost, 20 Euros charge for the replacement of a new lock. Each time any food or drink is consumed, the key is to be produced for crediting the costs; the costs of consumption are to be paied altogether before leaving.

No food or drink are to be taken along into Kaiserbründl.

Visitors are obliged to the utmost cleanliness in all the rooms and are requested to maintain the facilities in the same clean and tidy condition as they wish to find them upon entering. No glassware, wet towels etc are to be left behind neither in the cabins nor in the dark-rooms. The removal of candles is strictly prohibited. Out of consideration for other guests it also is not allowed to block the cabins in the basement for hours.

Please respect the privacy and intimacy other guests.


Kaiserbründl has the authority to refuse admission to anyone with a dubious appearance. Visitors must absolutely follow the instructions given by the staff; this also counts for those cases where a guest questions the interpretation of a directive. Guests who are in breach of any of the regulations or who refuse to comply with the directives given by the staff will be asked to leave from / refused off the premises without any claim for reimbursement of the entrance-fee. Such cases can lead to banning / refusal off any person from future visit to the premises.

In the Sauna, every half hour fresh water is poured onto the stove. At the beginning of each rehash, the board with the writing: “Aufguss, bitte nicht stören” (i.e.: Do Not Disturb) has to be turned round. Nobody should enter the Sauna during this procedure. Due to the danger of fire, it is prohibited to hang up any wet towels for drying next to the stove.

The doors to the Sauna and the Steam Bath must always remain closed. Smoking is prohibited in this wet premises, darkrooms and in the winter garden. For any wishes, suggestions or complaints please address the staff at the counter or use the letter box on the upper floor next to the staircase.